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The Product Report: May Edition

EOFY is busy for everyone including our Employment Hero Development Team. Here’s the list of awesome features and upgrades they’ve made to the platform in the last 30 days.


3% Off Health Insurance Premiums

Employment Hero is excited to announce our partnership with Bupa! Now, every single business working with Employment Hero can include discounted healthcare for their employees and their families in their benefits package.

Employment Hero members are eligible for a 3% discount on relevant premiums for both new and existing Bupa members.

Bupa also has consultants on hand to present the ins and outs of health insurance to your employees and give one-on-one private consultations to discuss what health plan would be right for them. Email employmenthero@bupa.com.au to register your interest.

Update to Clock Me In Access

Previously, only admins were able to manage Clock Me In, but admins are not always on hand to do so. Rather than sharing login details (a big no-no!), selected managers will now have ‘restricted access’ which enables them to add or edit kiosks, add employees, clock in or out on behalf of an employee, add notes against employee timesheets and more. 

Reporting on Employee Groups or Location Permissions by Managers in HeroPay

The new restricted access user level will also give managers the ability to generate reports for their reporting employees. Previously, when a report was generated by an admin or full-access user, it was a report for all employees. 

Consolidated HR Document Reports

A small but mighty update for our Business Account users. You’re now able to run a consolidated HR Document Report across all the organisations you manage within your Business Account.

Timesheet Inspection Update

Have you ever been curious as to who’s approved a timesheet? You can now find out! Simply hover over the clock icon in Timesheet Management, Timesheet Report and My Timesheets and your questions will be answered.


And in beta…


Company Values

Our new Company Values feature is now in open beta! As part of our mission to make work more rewarding, we want to help companies set their values inside the Employment Hero platform.

Employment Hero Values

SuperHero Nominations

Building off the back of the new Company Values feature, we’ll be working on SuperHero Notifications to recognise people who go above and beyond to demonstrate their company values. We’re after some heroes to help us execute this through a closed beta test run. Email beta@employmenthero.com if this is something that your team would like to be involved in.

Work Type Allocations

Our Work Type Allocations feature is getting an upgrade. By opting in to this open beta, work types feature will be easier to see and manage. Once you’ve opted in you’ll be able to see an updated Work Types interface under an employee’s Pay Details > Pay Run Details.

B2B Marketplace

The B2B Marketplace is still in beta. To be included in the beta, please email beta@employmenthero.com


If you’d like to see how these features and others can help your individual business needs, book a quick demo today. 

Thanks for supporting us. Your help allows us to build a better world at work. 


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