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The Product Report: June Edition

Welcome to the new financial year! 😀 To get things started, we’ve got a pretty major update you should know about…


As part of our promise to you, we regularly review the policy templates inside Employment Hero and make sure they’re up to date. From 1 July, we have updated all our policy templates inside the platform. 

If you would like to share an updated policy to your current employees, click ‘new’:

Employment Hero June Product update 1

select the policy you wish to share and select publish:

Employment Hero June Product update 2 Please note: if you share a new policy, your employees will be required to re-acknowledge each policy that you share.

If you don't wish to send a notification for each policy update, we recommend updating your policies while in set up mode. This will send only one email to let your employees know they have multple policies to aknowledge. We recommend doing this outside of businesses hours. 

To find out how you can download the latest policies, read our product expert James' guide, FAQ: How Do I Download Employment Hero's Latest Policy Templates.

Update to Gift Cards in WorkLife

We’ve made it easier to track how much you’ve spent on your gift cards in WorkLife. 

Simply click on “Update My Balance” at the bottom of the gift card, type in how much you spent and you’ll see the remaining balance at the bottom of your gift card. 

And in beta…

Company Values 

Our new Company Values feature is now in open beta! As part of our mission to make work more rewarding, we want to help companies set their values inside the Employment Hero platform.

Employment Hero Values

SuperHero Nominations

Building off the back of the new Company Values feature, we’ll be working on SuperHero Notifications to recognise people who go above and beyond to demonstrate their company values. We’re after some heroes to help us execute this through a closed beta test run. Email beta@employmenthero.com if this is something that your team would like to be involved in. 

  Check out our software in action here.   Thanks for supporting us and helping us build a better world at work. 
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