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The Product Report: January 2020

Welcome to the new year!  And new decade! 😀 We're here with all the latest updates from Employment Hero’s product team, including improved functionality for Recognition, release of Employee Happiness Surveys on web and the launch of Safety Incident Reporting in app.



Another popular feature request, users can now submit Safety Incident Reports using the app. This feature enhancement will be very well received by any businesses that has employees working offsite, regardless of what work they will be carrying out.  In order for your employees to be able to submit safety incident reports through the app, they will need to upload to the latest version of the Employment Hero App (1.45.0) on either iOS or Android devices.


Recognition is one of our most popular employee engagement features. Recognition is an important tool for businesses wanting to reward their employees for going above. If enabled, Recognition can trigger a set amount of Hero Dollars to be deposited into the employee’s account, as well as a push notification to other employees. Now, employees who receive Recognition will also receive a certificate. Admins/owners and nominators can download the certificate themselves and award the employee in person. Employees who receive Recognition can also download the certificates themselves.



Until now, fortnightly Happiness Surveys could only be submitted through the app. Employment Hero is happy to announce that Employee Happiness Surveys can now be submitted using desktop browsers too! As well being accessible on desktop, a widget will also appear on the Employment Hero Dashboard for the week that the survey is active. When an employee completes the survey, the widget will disappear.  If you already have Employee Happiness surveys set up, your next survey can be completed on desktop. If you don’t have Employee Happiness Surveys set up, you can set it up here. Why Happiness Surveys? Happiness Surveys give you insights you’ve never had before with anonymous, monthly surveys that gauge the vibe of your business. Not only will your employees feel more valued knowing their happiness is important to leadership, the Reporting feature helps you easily identify if and when things start to go off track – before it negatively affects your business.   Thanks for supporting us and helping us build a better world at work. 
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