Employment Hero

The Product Report: April Edition

Hello Heroes! We hope you’ve all recovered from the Easter/ANZAC/school holidays. Despite the time off, we’ve been busy at Employment Hero HQ again. Here’s the features we released in April.

Induction Content on mobile

Creating more parity between our mobile app and desktop platform, induction content is now available on mobile. This means your new employees can view their induction files any time, anywhere and on any device. Huzzah!

And in beta…

B2B Marketplace

Hero Shop has been a huge success so we thought why not create a B2B Hero Shop? We’ve launched a closed beta where you can get access to services that help you run your business. To be included in the beta, please email beta@employmenthero.com

Employment Hero is going INTERNATIONAL

Some of you who have locations overseas and some of you who are overseas, have been patiently waiting for the day that we launch internationally. Well, your time has come!

We are currently in beta with an international version of Employment Hero HR. If you want to join the beta, please get in touch with beta@employmenthero.com to find out what it takes and help us make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone, everywhere.  

Thanks for supporting us and helping us build a better world at work.

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