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Our New Tagline, ‘A Better World At Work’, Explained

What does our new tagline, a better world at work, mean? 

As part of our rebrand, we ran into an age old question “to tagline or not to tagline?”.

Taglines should sum up your unique proposition in a short, timeless phrase that can stand alone. They’ve been highly successful for consumer brands with Just Do It, Have A Break (Have A Kit Kat) and Think Different all easily recognisable for the brands they represent.

But for a B2B brand a tagline can be challenging. Business products tend to have a nuanced sell and it can be a matter of one feature that differentiates one brand from another. This has led to a trend in the B2B world to nix the tagline and stick to campaign slogans when required.

Employment Hero hasn’t previously had a tagline (although there were a few much loved T-Shirt slogans floating around). As we started to go through our brand repositioning, we kept coming back to our mission and what we as a company wanted to achieve.

Employment Hero is about more than technology. It’s about humans working collectively to change the world. It’s the about the relationships between us and our customers and their relationships with their employees.

While it is technology that allows us to give small and medium business access to tools and processes for managing their people (simplifying tasks that usually require a lot of resources), it has been the willingness of these companies to work together, to invest in us and to share their resources, that has made our company what it is.  We get more together than we would individually and our platform, particularly our new WorkLife products, reflects this.  

To make employment easier and more rewarding is to ultimately to create a better world at work.

We want to create a better world for employers. A world where employing someone isn’t a scary process. A world where employers are not constantly haunted by changes in Fair Work legislations that could land them in hot water despite their best efforts to do the right thing. A world where bringing a new employee into a business is seamless and not bogged down in a multi-department paper pushing production. A world where processes are simple, easy and just work.

We also want to create a better world for employees. A world where we put employers and employees on the same side through transparency and trust in the process that they using. We want people to be able to concentrate on the job knowing that their money and their health is taken care of. We want people to feel like they’re working towards something together.

We want to create:

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