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We’re Increasing Security With 2-Factor Authentication

We know how important keeping your data safe is to you.

That’s why, as of this week, we’ll be rolling out 2-Factor Authentication to help better protect your data.

2-Factor Authentication is a way of logging in that requires more than just a password. Once set up, an additional authentication code sent to your mobile device will be required to log into your Employment Hero account.

2-Factor Authentication is becoming an industry standard. When you think about it, having one password serve as a barrier between your data and a potential hacker is troublesome.

At the moment, 2-Factor Authentication will be optional but we strongly recommend that all premium and standard subscription customers and their employees choose to use it to better protect their data.

The roll out for 2-Factor Authentication will be complete by 30 July across desktop and mobile.

To learn more about 2-Factor Authentication, visit our help centre.

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