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Customer Spotlight: How Employment Hero Helped Riverland Become More Efficient And Profitable

Riverland Group is a Victoria-based hospitality group that manages six restaurant and bar venues throughout Melbourne and surrounding regions.

We sat down with their HR and Compliance Manager, Michelle Tankey, to talk to her about how Employment Hero helps her business.

Tell us a little bit about your role in the business – what is your day to day like?

I’m the HR and Compliance Manager of the hospitality group. I’m on the HR side of the business in an advisor role, acting like a source of advice. So for example if a venue manager had questions on the hospitality award, which governs the way employees are treated and paid, I help them interpret that.

I am also responsible for people and culture. I manage a wide range of activities to encourage employee engagement – anything from running yoga classes for staff, identifying employees who are performing outstandingly to be rewarded and education trips to visit suppliers.

Finally, I run audits for the business. We have internal policies I’m responsible for developing and disseminating so twice a year without notice I will audit venues to see if they follow policies.

What was your biggest HR challenge before engaging with EH?

Prior to Employment Hero, we were getting a lot of complaints from managers about how much time it was taking to get people recruited and onboarded.

The management of staff files was hard. Before Employment Hero, we used a paper filing system which is heavy on admin and had to be very aware of version control issues across venues.

Compliance was also difficult, especially with manual visa checks that started by a staff member looking at the actual passport.

How has EH helped you solve your challenges?

Instead of having paper files distributed around five venues, they’re now in one central place that I can access. Online visa checks have eradicated so much time – one click and that’s taken care of.

In hospitality, it can be hard to drive home the importance of administration, so the easier we can make admin, the better. Every time we can eliminate a piece of paper from the process it makes the process easier and more streamlined.

Also, the ability to have every single piece of information – including certifications and training courses – all in the one place, makes it very easy to stay compliant and keep track of where everyone is at.

We have just joined HeroPayRoll and turned on payslips, rostering and annual leave as well, increasing Employment Hero’s importance in the business.

What is your favourite feature and why?

It’s really hard to say just one feature, but I do love the VEVO checks – if it wasn’t VEVO checks then electronic contracts.

Do you have any measurable results you can share?

Prior to actually installing the system I did a business case around the cost of saved hours. It was in the tens of thousands of dollars.

What would you say to other businesses like yours thinking of using Employment Hero?

I highly recommend it, especially to other hospitality groups.  

This is a great system. I think people are set in their ways of doing things and ignore cloud-based software because they’ve used paper all their lives. There is some work involved set up, but don’t be afraid because it will save you so much time and money in the long run.

What have you been able to do with the time that you’ve won back?

I’m freed up from doing manual checks of files or following up to see whether someone’s visa is outdated, so I can now devote my time to running our people and culture program, which improves employee retention and means less turnover. That’s invaluable not just for our brand but employee retention which is such a big issue at the moment – recruiting in hospitality is tough.

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