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The Product Report: May and June Edition

The last couple of months have been busy at Employment Hero. Our team of developers have been working hard at improving our system so managing staff is even easier for our clients.

Here are the top features and product enhancements we released in May and June, 2018.

Payment summaries

Payment summaries are now available to customers who integrate Employment Hero with one of the following payroll systems: HeroPay, KeyPay and QuickBooks Online.

Your employees will now be able to view their payment summaries on our desktop site and the  Employment Hero mobile app. Simply publish payment summaries on one of the platforms listed above and they will immediately become available via Employment Hero. This will streamline an employee’s experience. To learn more about this new feature, click here.

Payment summaries in the Employment Hero mobile app.

Employees with access to payment summaries on their mobile app will see a menu option through their Account Details screen 

Employment Hero payment summary drop down list on mobile app

Current payment summaries will be listed and open into a PDF that can be downloaded and shared 

Template management

Customers under our standard or premium subscriptions can now build and edit their own contracts and policies in Employment Hero! Using the new template management tool, you can create your own templates from scratch, copy and paste from your existing documents or tweak a standard template to suit your needs.

Click here for more information on how to use the new tool or watch our recorded webinar here.


Mobile App policy acknowledgement

Our mobile app now allows employees to see and acknowledge policies. To make this work you need to have policies turned ON via the Menu Customisation page (Customisation > Menu).

Click here to learn how your employees can access policies via the mobile app.


MYOB payslips are now compliant

Payslips imported from MYOB now include super contribution information, making these payslips Fair Work compliant.


Access for former employees

Employees that have been off-boarded through Employment Hero will now have limited access to their own information on the platform. They will be able to access their documents, payslips, and payment summaries. This will only be applicable if an employee’s information was uploaded to the platform prior to their off-boarding.

Former employees will also have limited, view-only access to some tabs in their employee file. Click here to understand how it all works.


Timesheet & Cost Centre Updates

Our timesheet submissions are now even more functional. If an employee has a cost centre available to them, they will be required to select a cost centre when submitting their timesheet. This change will assist payroll administrators with their reporting by ensuring they have all the relevant information needed for accounting. Click here to learn more.

As always, you can find informative resources and demos to help you get the best out of your Employment Hero account at our knowledge centre. You can also contact our friendly support team at anytime via support@employmenthero.com.

Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

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