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The Product Report: July and August Edition

We’ve been making a number of improvements to our platform, especially our mobile app, to help make your employment easier and more rewarding for everyone.

Fingerprint Log In

If you have a fingerprint enabled device, you’ll now be able to log into the Employment Hero app on mobile and tablet using your fingerprint. This will make it quicker and easier to access all your information on the go.

Certifications on mobile and tablet

Employees can now complete more of their onboarding via the Employment Hero app. We’ve launched certifications into the Employment Hero mobile app so people can upload their license or attach special qualifications anywhere, any time.

Hero Passport

Just as your passport keeps a record of countries you visited, our new Hero Passport allows employees to keep a record of their previous employment details.

Designed to make admin easier, the Hero Passport allows employees to retain access to personal information such as payslips from previous employers who used Employment Hero.

Once logged into Employment Hero select ‘Hero Passport’ from the drop down menu under your name in the top right hand corner.


You’ll then be taken to your Hero Passport page with a list of all your current and previous employers who used Employment Hero.


Click here to read more on our help centre.


Timesheet Grouping

We’ve updated how you can view timesheets inside the Employment Hero platform.

We’ve created a “group by” filter so you can collectively view timesheets for a particular cost centre, work type, employee or date. This feature will also automatically calculate the total number of hours for each grouping.

This new feature will negate the need for manual calculations, saving you hours of time! For example, it can automatically calculate the total hours an employee has worked over a specific time period or the total number of hours dedicated to a cost centre.

To learn more visit the timesheets page on the Employment Hero Help Centre.


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