Employment Hero

The Product Report: January Edition

Howdy Heroes! We’ve had an awesome start to the year and already have a few feature upgrades to share with you all.

1. You can now remove certifications

Ever had an employee accidentally upload the wrong certification? We know. It happens. Now as an Employment Hero admin, you can delete incorrect certifications yourself making it easier to ensure your records are up to date.

2. We’ve made an update to timesheet reports

When you export a timesheets report attached comments will now be exported too. This will make reporting more accurate and save you time as you won’t have to check individual timesheets to view comments. Huzzah!

3. We’ve added a new award to HeroPay – Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair, Services and Retail Award 2010

Enough said. A new built-in award to help you better navigate the complex Australian award system.

4. We’ve made some upgrades to reporting for policies, certifications and induction content

This one is for members of our Hero Network and our busy admins who manage multiple organisations. You can now save time by pulling a single consolidated report for all the organisations that you manage (instead of needing to pull each organisation’s report individually).

We’ve also added expiration dates to certification reports making it easier to see when employee certifications are due to expire.

Thanks for reading. We have a load of updates scheduled for February so stay tuned for the next edition of, The Product Report!

P.S. We’re looking for beta testers our new custom work hours in HeroPay for a spin. If you’re interested, please email beta@employmenthero.com.

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