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We Have Launched A Partner Program Called The Hero Network

We are excited to announce Employment Hero has launched a partner program called, The Hero Network.

Hmmm. You say. Interesting name, but what does it mean? Well just as The Avengers unite under a common purpose (saving mankind from dreaded evil), our network unites heroes who want to join in our mission to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone.

Employment Hero is growing fast and we have ambitious goals. We also know it’s more important than ever for businesses to adopt technology like HRIS. Tech-savvy employees are demanding easier access to their own HR documents, compliance is becoming increasingly complicated and our collective patience for needless admin is dwindling. Everyday we use technology to streamline processes and make life easier. Think about it. We bank from our mobiles, stream entertainment on multiple platforms and talk to our phones. It is quickly becoming our expectation to experience this ease of use in every area of our lives, especially in the workplace.

Employment Hero offers modern solution to HR administration, payroll and employee engagement and benefits. Through The Hero Network, we want to empower our partners and give them the tools to unlock even more value for their clients.

Interest piqued? Read on to learn more.

What is the Hero Network?

The Hero Network is a value added reseller program. But more importantly it is a collective of dedicated and passionate partners who join in our mission to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone.

By teaming up with Employment Hero, our partners can harness the technology that is disrupting the HR industry and use it to help their clients build better businesses.

Who can join the Hero Network?

The Hero Network is open to HR consultants, business advisors, outsourced CFOs, bookkeepers, outsourced payroll providers, cloud integrators, employment lawyers, associations and franchisors and anyone else who thinks our platform will be of use to them.

How will The Hero Network work?

Employment Hero makes a big upfront investment in our partners by providing extensive training and support. Our aim is to enable our partners to provide a better service to their clients, using Employment Hero.

Our partners receive:

  • Partner Training – training videos, online training sessions, and regular updates.
  • Resources – a partner resource site designed to enable you to implement, train and support your clients.
  • Partner Business Portal – access and manage all your clients in one centralised portal.
  • Partner Directory – access to Employment Hero’s existing pool of clients via our Partner Directory and referrals from our Customer Success Team.
  • Opportunity to grow revenue – use our platform to make money while you sleep.

How can The Hero Network benefit me?

Becoming a partner in our Hero Network means you can access your clients’ HR information from anywhere. Easily providing informed and effective services and advice. Imagine receiving a query from a client and NOT having to request a stack of paperwork before you can get started.

By accessing information anywhere, anytime, you can optimise your working hours and cut out time wasted on travel and pending requests. This will help you increase your revenue as you are spending more time on actual consulting. Of course, this is on top of the revenue you will make as a value-added reseller.

Employment Hero becomes the tool that underpins your core business, allowing you to do what you do best, in a faster, more efficient environment. It’s also a great networking tool. We receive a lot of requests for onsite training, project management assistance and other services that Employment Hero doesn’t offer. Having access to a community of the best and brightest service providers will be a real bonus for our clients and our partners.

Ultimately our partners can grow their clients, offerings and revenue by introducing new services such as system implementation, system training and system support, complemented by their area of expertise.

What success have you had with partners so far?

We’ve already established thriving relations with many partners. Our early partners like Lucent Advisory and Key Business Advisors came on board before we had a proper infrastructure to support a partner community. We worked together with these partners, allowing them to educate us on the tools and resources they needed in order to make the partnership a success.

The Hero Network is the result of this process.

Great where do I sign up?

Visit our partner information page. Or contact our Partnerships Manager Niamh Moloney at: niamh.moloney@employmenthero.com.

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