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Introducing Automated Pay Runs, A New HeroPay Feature

The news of our brand new automated pay runs feature has us wanting to sing. Sing from the rooftops! What are we singing?

“I can be your hero baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you foreverrrrrrr”.

Thank you Enrique for this perfect moment 🌹.

Automated pay runs are a game changer and they are going to save our payroll processing friends a tonne of time. Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty we’d like to say from the get-go that while our HeroPay users can now automate aspects of their pay run, we have set up processes so that you still retain complete control.

Now for all the details.

How will automating pay runs reduce existing processing times?

There are a lot of steps required to process and finalise a pay run and most of them don’t require manual pay adjustments:

  • Create the pay run;
  • Import timesheets;
  • Apply leave requests;
  • Finalise pay run;
  • Create pay event (for businesses having to report STP);
  • Publish pay slips;
  • Post payroll journal;
  • Send report packs.

Now all of the above can be done with a few clicks but you won’t even need to do that anymore. All of this can be done – from start to finish – in the background while you focus on other things. All that is required for this magic to happen is a one-off configuration to set the level of automation you would like for your pay runs.

Allow me to take you through the configuration process.

How do I set up automated pay runs?

From your Pay Schedule screen, select the pay run you want to automate and then complete the setup wizard.

Step 1. Set the dates

Here you set the dates for the pay runs and the timesheet import options.


Monthly pays can sometimes get tricky as the normal processing day in a month may fall on a weekend or public holiday. We have put safeguards in place allowing users to select the appropriate actions if that situation arises:


Step 2. Establish parameters

Set the warnings that, if triggered, will stop a pay run. If a pay run is stopped, you will be notified and required to log in and manually finalise the pay run. Add the users on this screen that should be notified if an error has been flagged, the same users will also be notified when a pay runs has been successfully processed.


Step 3. Decide what gets automated

Determine what components of finalising a pay run you would like automated. Look at the screenshot below.


Allow us to explain a few things.

  1. You can choose to finalise a pay run manually. If you do so, the latter options will disappear and all pay run finalisation will be done the traditional way.
  2. If you choose to lodge a pay run with the ATO immediately, this will automatically create the pay event but a user will still be required to lodge the event itself.
  3. The option for sending report packs will only appear if your business has report packs set up. Additionally, if you are connected to an online journal service, the option to export journals immediately will be available.

Step 4. Complete the setup

This screen provides you with a summary of all your selections. You can choose to go back and make any changes needed prior to completing the setup.


What are the benefits of automating my pay runs?

There are sooo many reasons but we will hone in on our top three.

1. It saves time

The reduction in pay run processing time allows you to reallocate that time and focus on other strategic work.

2. You can retain control

You determine what components of the pay run to automate, so you keep overall control.

3. There is quality assurance

Configured warnings will stop an automated pay run in its tracks. This ensures anything that needs to be addressed or fixed is done so without compromising the accuracy of an employee’s pay.

We can’t speak on behalf of everyone but what makes this feature so exciting for us is that it actually affords payroll staff the time to focus on strategy, compliance and processes (or you know...lunch).  Let us be your hero, automate your pay runs.

Don’t have Heropay and would like to explore it for your business?

Email: hero@employmenthero.com. 



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