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Have Your Say – Our First Ever Hackathon

We move fast at Employment Hero. We want to make sure that we’re constantly providing you with the most innovative set of features we can to help make employment easier and more rewarding.

We also know that there are some things that we can fix. That’s why next weekend (10 – 11 November) we will be holding our first ever Hackathon!

For two whole days we will invest all our resources into fixing a problem that is important to you. We are talking laser-like focus and ninja-like speed!

The only question that remains is, what problem should we fix? We’ve got a list of 3 features we know would be popular and are asking you to vote for the one you want the most!

Let us know exactly what you want us to work on:

  • Work Availability (pre-populating leave request hours for employee’s who work different hours each day)
  • Rostering on Mobile (bringing our rostering functionality into our mobile app)
  • Leave Type Restrictions (removing leave types that can’t be requested from the employee drop down)

We’ll announce the feature to be built next Friday, 9 November via our eNews.

Vote now and help us build a better world at work.

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