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Our First Ever Hackathon Is Complete

The results are in! We hosted our very first Hackathon this weekend and asked you to vote on the product you most wanted us to enhance.

The winning option was… Leave Type Restrictions!

Leave Type Restrictions

As of today users of our HeroPay platform will now be able to to remove leave types that can’t be requested from an employee’s drop down menu. 


Payroll admins can now control which leave types are available to employees. 

Payroll Admins will be able edit leave templates in HeroPay to remove irrelevant leave types for their business. When this is imported into Employment Hero HR and assigned to an employee, the employee will only be able to see the leave types relevant to them in the drop down menu when requesting leave.

This will save time for employees and managers who have to go back and forth if an employee requests a type of leave that they aren’t eligible for or is irrelevant to the business.

It was a big weekend for our development teams who dropped everything to focus on upgrading this feature. Our product teams usually work in 6 week sprints, with different groups focussed on different features. It was therefore a huge undertaking for us to enhance this feature in one short weekend, but with all hands on deck and laser-like focus, we got the job done. 

Here is a recap of how our weekend played out on social media.

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Thank you to everyone who voted and our development teams who help us build a better world at work.


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