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Employment Hero Product Report: November Edition

It’s been a busy couple of months at Employment Hero! Our product team is always working on improving the functionality of Employment Hero and making people management as easy as possible. The latest round of product enhancements will help both employers and employees make their world better at work.


New: Leave Liabilities in Employment Hero Payroll

Payroll admins will now have a better understanding of leave liabilities each pay run. The cost of annual leave, time in lieu and other leave liabilities attributed to each employee will now be pushed automatically into your accounting software via the Chart of Accounts. Leave liabilities will be updated for each employee as their pay rates change, so you won’t lose track and risk a substantial payout upon termination.


New: Performance Reviews Reporting (Beta*)

HR admins and users part of reporting security groups will now have the ability to report on all performance reviews within the organisation. This feature will allow employers to quickly report on any outstanding reviews and send out reminders to managers to complete them.  To enable Performance Reviews Reporting, click on the Beta button in Employment Hero and switch Performance Reviews Reporting ‘on’.


Enhancement: Organisation Chart Improvements (Beta*)

Our Organisation Chart feature has had a make-over! Now using a tree-chart to organise your employees, the Organisation Chart is easier to navigate and has improved visibility for all employees. Join our Open Beta and have your say on how the new Organisation Chart will be further developed!


Enhancement: Leave Forms

Leave management just got a lot easier with our latest enhancements! On top of being able to run custom reports on leave balances, the leave form has now improved the visibility of leave available, approved and accrued. Managers and admins can also submit leave on behalf of their employees. The new leave forms will be released into Employment Hero over the next week. 

request leave update november employment hero

Enhancement: Performance Reviews (Premium)

Performance Reviews have had a makeover. Next time you click on Reviews, you’ll see new designs on both the Review Management and My Reviews modules. Both are now in an easier-to-read format. The Review Period tab has also been redesigned. 

As well as the cosmetic updates, we’ve also improved the functionality of Performance Reviews. Admins can now choose not to use overall rating scales. Those who do use overall rating scales will also see that they can now limit the scale to a minimum of 2 (previously a minimum of 5). You can also archive review periods.

Finally, admins can now view employee reviews straight from their employee file.

review period report employment hero

Enhancement: Custom Reporting (Premium)

Custom Reporting has also had feature enhancements released. From the Custom Report module, admins and owners can now report on:

  • Safety incidents
  • Management notes
  • Performance reviews (status and overall rating)
  • Leave balances

Enhancement: Custom Fields (Platinum)

Custom Fields latest round of enhancements are going to be really popular amongst admins and owners. Admins can now choose which user group can view and/or edit a custom field. They can also set the custom field as either optional or mandatory during onboarding or in the employee file – which of course means that custom fields are now available in onboarding! You can now also send email notifications to managers or employees to request they update a custom field.

custom field editing employment hero

Enhancement: New Feature Names

In case you missed it, we’ve made some changes to some of our naming conventions. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use our features and ensure their names reflect their functions. All the changes are below; 

  • HeroPay will now be known as Payroll
  • SuperHero Nominations will now be known as Recognition
  • Hero Thanks will now be known as Shout Outs
  • WorkLife will now be known as Benefits
  • My Life will now be known as My Benefits
  • Hero Shop will now be known as Discounts
  • Life Hero will now be known as Wellness
  • Savings Hero will now be known as Savings
  • Orders will now be known as Order History


At Employment Hero ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. The Employment Hero team is committed to continuing to find new ways to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone, as well as improving the features we already have. If there’s something you’d like to see on the platform, why not send us an email on info@employmenthero.com? If it’s not already on the list, we’ll add it.


*Features in open beta are subject to change based on common, unforeseen pain points that disrupt the user experience. Your feedback is invaluable to the development of Employment Hero features in open beta – please feel free to provide any and all feedback to our product owners at beta@employmenthero.com. Not all features released in open beta will be available to all subscription types.

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