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Employment Hero Is An HRD Employer Of Choice

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been chosen as a HRD Employer of Choice for Rewards and Recognition.

Making our people feel valued and important to our business has been key to our attraction, retention and culture strategy. As a startup, we need to attract and retain talented and passionate people but we also don’t have the resources of the big corporates chasing the same talent.


Why are rewards and recognition so important?

Rewards and recognition are vital for people to understand what is expected of them, to reinforce our values and celebrate peer achievements.

Employment Hero has four key values that we strive to show everyday: teamwork, ambition, innovation and service. We want our people to live these values everyday so they form the heart of our rewards and recognition strategy.

How we recognise and reward

We’ve implemented a platform we call “Tribe Rewards” where people are nominated by their peers when they have demonstrated these values and are rewarded with points. Points can be used to purchase gift cards, tickets or other perks.

We start each stand up and team meeting with celebrations – a chance to recognise something or someone awesome that’s happened since the last stand up. The whole company takes each win – no matter how small – as a collective win.

Value awards are handed out at our daily stand ups. It also accumulates with a quarterly winner and finally, an annual winner. The annual winner gets a trip overseas for themselves and a friend to a surprise location so it’s pretty sort after. We also celebrate new starters (heros), anniversaries and birthdays in the same way.

The impact

This has helped cement our company values with each person inside the business. People are encouraged not only to do their daily tasks but go out of their way to ensure that they are doing so in a way that shows how they live the values, often going above and beyond.

It has instilled a culture of peer recognition. Often teams work hard on projects that may not be visible to their manager or others inside the business. Since anyone can nominate another person, there is a culture of recognising the impact someone has had on your daily life by living these values.

Every team member contributes to Employment Hero’s overall success and we wanted to build a culture that recognised that. It’s nice to know our employees recognise it as well.

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