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2017 Yearbook of Feature Releases!

2017 was a big year for Employment Hero! Not only did our team grow to help us support our growing customer base, but we’ve started planning to really strive to impress our customers and deliver a seamless experience. To highlight some of our top new feature releases from 2017, we’ve curated a list below with links to our knowledge base articles with detailed information.  As we continue to improve our platform your continued feedback is always appreciated!

Top New HR Features:



  • Employment Hero got a Facelift: New User Interface Launched!
    • We spent the time redesigning our user interface to be more visually appealing, easier to navigate and to work faster so we could improve our customer experience in our platform for both our admin and their employees.
    • Introduction of a new smart setup wizard to help new clients get setup with Employment Hero faster by leading them through the setup process directly in the product making it fast and easy to get started
  • Beefed up our Reporting Features
    • Employee Audit Trail and Audit Trail Report to help admin see changes in their account and who made them
    • Employee Happiness Surveys are launched to help businesses track and understand how their employees moods towards their roles change over time
    • Compliance reports now allows admins/owners to find out the status of HR documents that require employee signature/acknowledgement such as contracts to help follow up on any outstanding paperwork and help keep the business compliant
    • Users have the option to easily exclude terminated employees/contractors from any custom report they create and export (PREMIUM Plans Only) 
  • Employee Visa (VEVO) Checks
    • VeVo Checks can be done on non-AU/NZ citizen||AU permanent residents through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to help ensure that employees have permission to work and protect your company from liability
    • Employers can run bulk VEVO checks on their employees with a single click (Premium Only)
  • Workplace Safety
    • Allow the creation of a workplace safety officer and allow for them to review safety incident reports. Also allow for additional information to be captured for reporting to the relevant authorities
  • Leave Management 
    • Allow filters to apply for specific employees, leave categories, and date ranges
    • Leave reports can now be be run without date restrictions
  • New Custom Email Notifications Added
    • Certification Expiration
    • Employee Offboarding
    • Passport expiry
    • Visa expiry
  • Certification Settings
    • Users can upload supporting documentation when setting up certifications.
  • Policies
    • Allows policies to be shared to specific employees, teams, locations or employing entities.
    • Allow for policies to be archived and audited. This prevents employee acknowledgements being removed when a policy has been updated or deleted.
    • Employees can now upload an image of their signature (e-signature upload). This applies to areas where there is a signature pad, for example; contracts (sender and recipient), tax declaration, authorising signatory setup.
  • Change Management
    • Users can create offboarding checklists to help manage an employee’s offboarding (terminating) process.Tasks can be created and assigned under these offboarding checklists
    • Allows induction content to be shared with specific employees, teams, locations or employing entities.

Top Payroll New Features:

  • ClockMeIn
    • Clients with both Employment Hero and HeroPay can use the ClockMeIn iPad App. This enables employees to clock in and clock out of their rostered shifts at a physical location via the ClockMeIn iPad app.


Employment Hero Mobile App is Revamped and Relaunched!


  • Features to help Admins:
    • Allows admins/owners to post announcements and share to employees through the Employment Hero Mobile app
    • Managers can manage pending employee timesheets and leave requests
    • Allows filtering of pending leave requests by direct (default), indirect or all employees
    • Introduced Employee Happiness survey to employees via the mobile app, with comment section and reporting to assist with monitoring employee engagement
  • Features to help Employees:
    • Easy new notifications and ability to view, export or download pay slips as well as view their daily timesheets
    • Employees can view the breakdown of their leave balance, request leave or even edit their leave hours when requesting leave. Depending on your selecting settings, employees can see who is on leave in their organisation
    • Employees can now view their direct team structure, managers and reporting employees, in the staff directory with their corresponding contact details, action calls, texts and emails.




  • JobAdder Integration 
    • Owners can link an existing JobAdder account with Employment Hero, creating a smooth and efficient onboarding experience, from the initial moment of your candidates’ first interview to the day they walk into your office as an employee.
  • MYOB Payroll Integration
    • Employees of organisations connected to MYOB payroll can now view leave balances when actioning leave requests through the Leave Management page on the Employment Hero 


As always, you can find self-serve help at our knowledge base center. But if you’re excited about what you’ve just read–buckle up, because 2018 is definitely coming with some big announcements!

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