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Help Your Clients Stay Compliant with Employment Hero

We all know that starting your own business doesn’t automatically make you an expert on all things employment law. Just because you can make a killer cappuccino doesn’t mean you know what it takes to employ someone legally these days! There are a number of ways that Employment Hero can help your clients stay compliant, including:

  • Compliant contracts and policies
  • VEVO checks
  • Audit trails
  • Certifications and automated award interpretation



Compliant Policies and Contracts

Employment Hero’s library of employment policies and contracts are constantly updated by our in-house HR specialists. To issue a compliant contract, business owners simply have to choose what type of employee they’re hiring, add in their details and send it electronically to the new hire. e-Signatures are legally binding and Employment Hero’s unlimited data storage means that both employer and employee can access contacts and policies whenever they need to. 


VEVO Checks

Working out who does and doesn’t have the right to work in Australia can be a tricky process. If you want to help your clients stay compliant and ensure they are only hiring those with a right to work, Employment Hero’s VEVO checks do the hard work for you. Even better, if work rights are about to expire, Employment Hero will notify the business owner.


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Certifications Online

Keeping paper certifications in a filing cabinet somewhere doesn’t make sense. Employment Hero can host all certifications in the cloud so the next time a surprise visit from the Ombudsman comes up, you can leave the anxiety at the door. Your certifications are all up to date too, because Employment Hero reminds both the employee and the account administrator if the certification is due to expire. 


Audit Trails

Because all employee data is stored in the cloud, employers can feel confident that their HR processes always have an audit trail. Employment Hero’s audit trail reporting means that account administrators can see down to the minute when changes were made to an employee’s file and by whom. Professional service providers can eliminate the risk of clients losing track of what exactly happened and when; it’s all in Employment Hero, ready to be called upon if employee relations turn sour.


Automatic Award Interpretation

If your clients are paying to the award, it might be worth introducing them to Employment Hero’s Payroll module. Payroll can record time and attendance, create timesheets that once approved can go straight into the next pay run. Business owners can take the guesswork out of penalty rates. Employment Hero keeps track of when overtime kicks in, wage budgets and Award updates. Employment Hero stops you and your clients from worrying about making a mistake.

If you’re worried that one of your clients might not be as compliant as they should be, share our Essential Guide to HR Compliance with them. It might identify some shortcomings that Employment Hero could help them with. If you’d like to know more about how you can help your clients stay compliant, we’d love to hear from you

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