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June product report - woman on laptop

The Product Report: June Edition

Welcome to the new financial year! 😀 To get things started, we’ve got a pretty major update you should know about… ALL POLICIES HAVE BEEN UPDATED! 🎉 As part of our promise to you, we regularly review the policy templates inside Employment Hero and make sure they’…
Happy Financial New Year
It’s a new financial year. HAPPY NEW FINANCIAL YEAR EVERYONE 🎉  We know, we know… you’re still having EOFY nightmares, your brain has just about had enough of tax declarations, business budgets and expense claims.  But the beginning of the new financial year is an important time …
A group of office workers all high fiving each other HRIS business benefits they just received from using Employment Hero

How HRIS Changed the World of Three Businesses

We know that HRIS can help support a flexible workplace and solve some major pain points within multiple different companies and industries. But don’t take our word for it. Here are three stories from some real Employment Hero clients and how we helped their businesses’ with HRIS. F45 on …
Two people have a chat to eliminate staff turnover

How to Conquer Staff Turnover

Staff turnover affects even the most successful of businesses. It can be for a wide range of reasons; employees follow their partners across the country, they want to spend more time at home with children, they are looking into a major change in career, following a career promotion, or workers …
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