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Probationary Period: How and When to Extend it

Taking on a new employee is both an exciting and nerve-racking time. Opening up the shared knowledge and success of your business can be a daunting task. Fortunately, this is why a probationary period exists. But what can you do if you’re still feeling a little unsure at the …

Professional Employer Organisation (PEO): Your Ultimate Guide 

A PEO, or professional employer organisation, is a co-employer that can manage payroll, benefits, and other human resources (HR) responsibilities on behalf of your company. A typical PEO will provide a selection of staff with extensive experience in HR, legal, tax purposes, client services, and accounting that can reduce admin …
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What is Business Insurance and Do You Need It?

There’s no teaser here – all businesses need some kind of insurance to protect your operations, customers and income. The difficulty is knowing which policy is right for your industry, business type and size. Some insurances are mandatory, while others are nice-to-have. Then there’s the question of risk – not …

Top 3 Key Important Employee Engagement Statistics You Need to Know

Employee engagement is vital if you want to build a successful business. Its importance in the workplace cannot be understated, and we have the statistics to prove it! Employee engagement can be the defining factor between a well-oiled, and by extension, business, or a company that is stagnant, simply treading …
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11 Unique Ways to Celebrate and Appreciate Your Employees

Remember the last time someone made you feel special or treated you to a fun activity? No doubt you were smiling from ear to ear. Taking the time to celebrate and appreciate your employees’ hard work is important. Not just for your business, but for the health and wellbeing of …

Remote Working Statistics To Look Out for coming into 2021

It’s not a surprise that we have seen a huge shift into the world of remote working. COVID-19 pretty much forced us to adapt the remote work model that, while popular in certain sectors previously, has never been required on such a global scale across all industries before. Luckily …
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