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A group of people sitting around talking about OKRs

Leadership OKRs: How to Lead by Example

We love using OKRs at Employment Hero. You can probably tell because we talk about them so often. OKRs are an open, transparent framework made to manage your company and employee goals. It’s a great tool to use in business, especially when your management team is leading by example.  …
how to introduce and implement okrs in a company employment hero

Introducing OKRs Into the Business

Now you know what OKRs are, why all the best companies are using them and how to create them – you’re ready for the next piece of the OKR puzzle. It’s time to secure senior buy-in from managers and leaders and then introduce and implement OKRs across the business.  …
Team creating a cloud case

How to Build a Cloud Case For Your Client

Change is hard. That may not be an incredibly groundbreaking statement. But hear me out because it’s as true as it is delightfully cliche. So, how can you build a cloud case for your client? Read on and we’ll show you how.  No one knows this better than …

11 Unique Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

Did you know that companies who effectively acknowledge good work and make their team feel valued are 21% more profitable than those who don’t? When your employees feel valued, it’s a knock-on effect that results in greater business success. A team of employees who feel valued at work will …
Audience members listening to OKR panel discussion

A Recap on our OKR Panel Discussion: Best Practice

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are an effective business management framework that defines company goals. They’re great for measuring results, keeping your team accountable and providing transparency and alignment across all functions of the business.  At Employment Hero, we love using OKRs. They provide transparency for individual, team and …
building a learning pathway for employees

Building a Learning Pathway for Your Employee

Today, we want to look at why learning pathways can make or break your business. Finding employees with the right skills is a struggle for many businesses, but manufacturing and information technology appear to be struggling the most according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. These industries are facing a …

The Different Employee Learning Styles

Learning and development is a crucial part of creating a high performing team. We all know that professional training results in increased productivity, employee engagement and happiness, but have you ever thought about the way your team learns best?  Everyone processes information differently and it’s no different when we …
Guide tp Productive Performance reviews employment hero

Productive Performance Reviews: A Quick Guide

A performance review, (sometimes referred to as a performance appraisal or evaluation) is a formal assessment in which a manager or leader evaluates an employee’s work performance, strengths, weaknesses, offer feedback, and helps them set goals for the future. It’s a key part of performance management and has …
Man showing what we do with data -What Does Employment Hero Do With My Data?

What Does Employment Hero Do with My Data?

Employment Hero helps over 6,000 businesses manage their employees and with over 250,000 employees in total, that’s a lot of personal data! The more consumers become aware of how their data is collected and used, the more hesitant they become to part with it. As a result, Employment Hero frequently fields …
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