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man lying down on couch receiving counselling to deal with financial stress

A Guide To Dealing With Financial Stress

Financial stress has crept into many of our lives. Here’s how to identify and remedy stress caused by fiscal angst.  The term “financial stress” has crept into the Australian vocabulary. With the ever increasing cost of living, rising house prices and low wage growth, it’s not surprising. According …
hospitality food and beverage templates - employment hero

Policies & Templates for Food & Beverage Businesses Post COVID-19

As Australia begins to return to normality, we know that many hospitality business owners are scrambling to reopen their doors. However, with updates occurring daily and without much warning, you’re most likely facing challenges as restrictions continue to ease. As the hospitality industry begins to find its feet again …
Workplace Health & Safety After COVID-19 - Employment Hero

Workplace Health & Safety After COVID-19

As Australia begins to gradually relax the restrictions that have been put in place over the last few months, it’s important you continue to keep your employees and your community safe. With COVID-19 updates occurring regularly across each state and territory, we must work together to promote a COVID-safe …
COVID-19 Incident Management_ Employment Hero
Are you like the many millions of Australians who have recently transitioned to remote working? For many of us, we’ve now adapted to our new normal, but now we need to start planning ahead for the return to work. As federal and state governments start to encourage teams to …
paper documents money banknotes coins receipt

How To Make Sticking To A Budget Easy

It’s easy to underestimate how much we’re spending – particularly when we’re paying by tap and go. But once you’ve worked out a budget and how you’re going to put away a little bit extra, you need to stick to it in order to make it …
Picture of a woman and man jumping for joy - Being Positive blog from Employment Hero

How to Be More Positive

Being positive means focusing on the good aspects of your life. As we already know, our diet has a great impact on our health and energy levels.  By eating more nutritious, high-quality foods and avoiding  those that are bad for you, you will have more energy, decrease your risk of …
JobKeeper Directives Template Pack - Employment Hero

JobKeeper Directives Template Pack: What’s Included?

The JobKeeper Payment has proved to be a lifeline for many Australian businesses and their employees. With millions of people already taking advantage of the stimulus package, it’s meant that employers can keep their employees on the books during COVID-19.  However, with so many changes occurring it can be …
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