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Our First Ever Hackathon Is Complete

The results are in! We hosted our very first Hackathon this weekend and asked you to vote on the product you most wanted us to enhance. The winning option was… Leave Type Restrictions! Leave Type Restrictions As of today users of our HeroPay platform will now be able to to …

The Product Report: September and October Edition

Welcome to your September and October product report. We’ve been making a number of improvements to our platform, especially around keeping your data safe and rewarding your people, to help build a better world at work. Thank A Hero – Open Beta We have just released our Thank A Hero …

Have Your Say – Our First Ever Hackathon

We move fast at Employment Hero. We want to make sure that we’re constantly providing you with the most innovative set of features we can to help make employment easier and more rewarding. We also know that there are some things that we can fix. That’s why next …

Employee Benefits Every Company Should Provide

Employee benefits are an elusive term here in Australia. They can mean anything from a fancy coffee machine to discounted or even subsidised health insurance. It can therefore be frustrating for employers to constantly read that employee benefits are on the rise without a clear indication of what benefits are …
A group of young professionals are standing around their office, they all look happy and comfortable. Showing what employees want at work is a great work culture.

What do employees want? More Than Just Pay

Remuneration is still a top consideration for prospective employees but according to our nationwide employee survey, employees are beginning to expect more than a salary from their employers. In this blog we discuss what our survey results revealed when it comes to the top reasons people accept job roles, why …
Introduction to WorkLife

All About Our WorkLife Features

We’ve been in the news recently. Have you read about our groundbreaking new features? There’s plenty more where that came from, we also want to introduce HeroPay.  Since starting Employment Hero four years ago, we have focused on making employment easier for businesses to manage with features like …

The Product Report: July and August Edition

We’ve been making a number of improvements to our platform, especially our mobile app, to help make your employment easier and more rewarding for everyone. Fingerprint Log In If you have a fingerprint enabled device, you’ll now be able to log into the Employment Hero app on mobile …

14 FAQ Payroll Questions Answered

There’s been a lot happening in the world of payroll lately. The ATO introduce Single Touch Payroll (STP), the national minimum wage increased by 3.5 percent and Fair Work has very publicly audited businesses of all sizes and caught out many for underpaying staff and misinterpreting awards. As a result, …
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