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Laptop and coffee on a desk near a forest

The 12 best locations in the world for remote working

Remote working has literally opened up a world of possibilities for the modern employee. The list of benefits is long. Workers can ditch the commute, gain more flexibility for family life and find better productivity time away from busy workplaces. Remote work also opens the door to an exciting prospect, …
Woman looking at smartphone at night

How to respond to workplace cyberbullying and harassment

Bullying is a huge issue for workplaces all over the world. Over two-thirds of Australian employees have experienced bullying at work, according to a study from the University of South Australia. It’s an issue that could be costing Australian workplaces up to $36billion a year.  Cyberbullying is increasingly becoming …
image of a lightbulb on fire - business emergency

What to do in a Business Emergency

Before 2020 a lot of businesses had the luxury of thinking a business emergency was something that would never happen to them. The pandemic, bushfires, floods—there are many emergencies that can throw your business off course, and this year has brought that reality home. Thousands of businesses have found out …
image of calculator and money - business tax

Australian Business Tax 101

Tax is no small thing. For some, tax is something to be done; an annual chore that we like to leave to the last minute or an opportunity for some ‘cash back’. The truth isn’t so simple. Tax – in a very real sense – is the streets we walk on, …
image of worker in a hard hat - industrial relations

An Introduction to Industrial Relations

‘Industrial relations’ sounds rather foreboding, doesn’t it? It’s a fancy term for a business essential subject that can seem scary and complex when you first dive into it. The definition probably won’t help; the coordination and management of workplace and work-related entitlements and obligations between employers and …
what is an NPS - net promoter score

What is a Customer Net Promoter Score and Why Does it Matter?

Every business wants to be the go-to brand that gets customers talking positively and coming back for more. To make this dream a reality for your business, it’s essential to focus on providing an outstanding customer experience. The trick is working out what this means for your customers. What …

Last Minute Secret Santa Gift Ideas

For some people, the joy and delight of Christmas festivities comes from the act of gift-giving. For others, it can be one of the most stressful times of the year.  Secret Santa is becoming more common among families, friends and co-workers. It is a great system to ensure everyone gets …
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