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Celebrating 5 Years of Employment Hero

Did you know that Employment Hero just turned 5!? We couldn’t be more happy to reach this exciting milestone and though we’re proud as punch over everything we’ve achieved in the last 5 years, we know that we wouldn’t be here today without our amazing customers.

Dwight the office thank you

We want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for being part of the Employment Hero journey. We’ve had some major wins over the last 5 years, but nothing can beat having the privilege of making a better world at work for over 175,000 Australians. 

What have we achieved in the last 5 years? Well, quite a lot actually! 

  • Onboarded over 224,000 employees
  • Processed over $3.5M in wages
  • More than 1.8M days of leave approved via the app
  • Saved employees over $23,000 on everyday expenses
  • Helped over 4500 businesses make a better world at work
  • And that’s just the start!

You helped us reach those numbers, thank you.


We want to share our birthday joy with our favourite people – our customers. Though it may be OUR birthday, YOU are the ones who will be getting the presents! Each Monday of September, Employment Hero will be launching a brand new, much-requested feature to our customers. And it’s week one, so…drum roll, please!


That’s right! Employment Hero’s very own learning management system (or LMS for short) is now waiting for premium users in open beta. Upload or create your own learning content, assign it to different employees or teams, and track progress all within the Employment Hero platform. 

Experts estimate that it can take anywhere from 8 months to 2 years for an employee to reach their peak productivity in a business, but with Hero Learning, you can help your new hires be as productive as possible from the get-go. No need to thank us!

excited for the birthday woman

Hero Learning is just the beginning; we still have three brand-spanking-new features to launch each week of September that will help make employment even easier and more rewarding than before. At Employment Hero, nothing makes us happier than happy customers; that’s why we’re always inventing new ways to make your world better at work. We promise to never stop developing our platform and can’t wait to see what the next five years has in store for us AND our customers.

Thank you again for being part of the ride – can you guess what’s coming next?

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