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4 HR Software Tools No HR Manager Should Live Without

When you think about the mountain of rules and regulations that apply to all HR managers, it’s clear why employing and managing people is almost impossible without an HR software toolkit.

Just some of your legal obligations include:

  • Ensuring a safe working environment
  • Paying your employees correct wages under the applicable modern award
  • Issuing pay slips to employees
  • Sending PAYG tax instalments to the Australian Taxation Office
  • Choosing a default super fund and paying superannuation contributions under the Superannuation Guarantee.
  • Keeping appropriate records

Using HR software means you don’t have to spend all your time processing paperwork and getting to grips with the complex legislation, the HRIS does it for you. HR software automates many complex processes and keeps you keep up-to-date with employment compliance requirements.

But it’s about more than HR compliance. Here are the other areas you need to cover in your HR software toolkit.

4 HR software tools that make life easier

1. Onboarding software

Without HR software, onboarding is a particularly paper-intensive and time consuming process that you can’t avoid. But with employee onboarding software as part of you HR toolkit, you can onboard new hires quickly and easily.

With a paperless onboarding solution like Employment Hero, you can get all the paperwork out of the way before your new hire starts, setting them up for a more engaging and memorable first day.

You can digitise the process of them signing their letter of engagement, employment policy acceptance, filling out tax declaration forms, superannuation choice forms, and providing personal information and bank account details.

The software helps you track the progress of your new hires as they move through the onboarding process and equips them with everything they need to be successful and satisfied within the company.

With onboarding software you can immerse your new starters in your company culture from day one, instilling them with the knowledge and behaviours that will contribute to their success and long tenure with your company. See our onboarding checklist for more.

2. Payroll software

Once you’ve successfully onboarded new hires, there’s no business process quite as important as paying your employees accurately, and on time, every pay cycle.

Even minor delays in paying staff, or inadvertently under paying your employees their due entitlements can have serious consequences for your business (think reputational damage and huge fines care of Fair Work Australia). By the same token, not paying your staff on time can seriously impact your team’s morale, and with it, their productivity and levels of engagement.

Given the crossover between HR and payroll, it makes sense to have one source of truth. Without payroll software integrated with your HRIS, your HR files and your payroll system can get out of sync. With employee data kept in separate files, it’s labour intensive and time consuming to do even basic reporting.

An integrated HRIS/payroll system will ensure that everything is in sync, systematic, and easy to manage. No need to enter data from one system to another. No need to reconcile data. No need to keep banks of manila folders under lock and key. All your sensitive HR and payroll data is held securely in the cloud under stringent security measures.

3. Learning management system

Having opportunities to learn and grow are a huge factor in why people choose to work at a business and importantly, stay with them. So, when it comes to attraction and retention providing your employees with training and career development opportunities is a smart move.

That’s why a Learning Management System (LMS) is another important tool in your HR arsenal. And more so, having training and development options easily accessible through one platform is a useful tool to help change employees’ perceptions of learning and help people to develop their own learning style.

This in turn can give employees the opportunity they need to grow within the company, so they should stick around for the long haul.

Having this functionality as part of your HRIS means it’s much easier to identify employees who need training and certification to meet necessary requirements. With an LMS you can also track training and education details, which makes it simple to compile reports you need to show compliance.

4. Employee engagement software

Having engaged employees is a top priority for most businesses because it translates into higher productivity, lower absenteeism, reduced turnover, increased efficiency, and employees showing greater pride in their work.

So, employee engagement software is a critical component of your HR manager’s toolkit. Use it to solicit and track employee feedback, understand employee sentiment, recognise employee achievements, and promote positive behaviour.

Whereas the traditional performance review process is an annual one, cloud-based software allows you to track performance and engagement as part of the everyday working experience.

You can introduce regular check-ins about ongoing work with your people to get a better sense of completed work, and any challenges in meeting upcoming deadlines. These meetings also give you the opportunity to listen to your employees and provide feedback and direction when it really matters.

…or get an all-in-one HRIS

In the past, onboarding, payroll, learning management, and employee engagement software was commonly implemented as standalone systems.

These days however, you can get all these must-have tools as part of one all-in-one system, like you can with Employment Hero. Having everything in one place saves you time and money, because you aren’t wasting time on double data entry.

Another advantage is that you only pay one vendor for all of the tools and resources you need to onboard great talent, pay them, give them opportunities for career development, and keep them super happy and engaged.

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