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HR Software Benefits For Your Business

HR software benefits for your business are always increasing. There was a time when the humble spreadsheet was just about as good as you could get in terms of a tool for organising your people, payroll, and performance without a hefty budget. 

But fast forward 20 years, and so much has changed.

With the advances and availability of affordable, even free, HR technology in the cloud, it’s hard to understand why anyone persists in using a spreadsheet.

In fact, your dependence on your spreadsheet could actually be holding your business back.

Here are five key reasons why your business needs to ditch your HR spreadsheets and start appreciating HR Software benefits.

5 HR Software benefits

1. Eliminates human error

Spreadsheets are notoriously prone to human error. With manual data entry, any kind of formula mistakes can seriously mess with everything from managing holiday allowances to your payroll calculations.

2. Makes your business scalable

While your Excel spreadsheet might have worked just fine when you were just starting off, data multiples fast as the business grows. And managing large volumes of data on Excel is a no win game especially where you have spreadsheets linking to other employee spreadsheets and files. With more data comes the need for more people to handle that data and the inevitable risk of human errors.

3. Data integrity

Audit trails help identify what changes were made by whom and make it easier for you to accept genuine changes made by other contributors to the process. However, as most spreadsheet programs come without audit trails and simply allow updates to the file, it’s difficult to retain the integrity of the data. A cloud platform offers a single source of truth, where employee information is input once and accessed throughout the system.

4. Less labor-intensive

Consider the amount of time you spend creating, then updating, revising and consolidating spreadsheets. It’s time-consuming, and for the most part, it’s not fun. In fact, research has shown that this can add up to as much as one and a half work days per month. With the right technology, you can fast eliminate this grind. Just think of how you could better employ those hours.

5. Compliance

The rules and compliance requirements around managing people in this country are complex and ever changing. With constant pressure to maintain updated knowledge of changing conditions, manual spreadsheets just can’t keep up.

It’s one thing to have your staff complain that their pay is incorrect because you have failed to update an Award calculation promptly. It’s quite another for the Fair Work Ombudsman to come calling to inspect your records and fine your business for underpayment of wages.

Replace cumbersome spreadsheets with purpose-built HR tech

As if these five reasons aren’t enough, don’t forget that a humble spreadsheet wasn’t designed specifically to manage HR needs. But purpose-built HR software like Employment Hero is.

Managing your workforce data and employment life-cycle with Employment Hero will reduce errors, deliver efficiency and deliver cost savings. You’ll also have up-to-the-minute reporting tools that provide valuable insights to help you steer your business. There’s plenty more HR software benefits that come with the Employment Hero platform. Request a demo with one of our team and they can show you.

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