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Highlights From Our Hiring Without Paper Webinar

We recently joined forces with JobAdder to host a webinar on how to hire without paper. In case you missed it, here are our top tips on how paperless recruitment and onboarding can make your life a breeze.

Create a single source of recruitment truth

These days, candidates come pouring in from many different channels. Be it via job boards , social media advertisements, LinkedIn, your business website or even walk in job seekers. It can be hard to keep track of where your job ad is posted and who has applied.

An online recruitment management system (RMS) like JobAdder can bring all your candidates into one place, removing the need to log into multiple platforms and manually collate applicants. This will save you time and allow you to focus on what matters, choosing the right person for the job.

Prioritise the right candidates for your role

By using one RMS you create a single source of recruitment knowledge, making it easier to manage candidates For instance, a job seeker who wasn’t right for the role at hand may have attracted your interest. Six months later the right role may have presented itself within your organisation. By using an RMS you’ll be able to access the previous applicant’s information in seconds.

RMS can also help by automatically prioritising top  top candidates for you by crawling a candidate’s CV and pinpointing desirable experience. Candidates with the right experience (as determined by you) are moved to the top of the list for review.   

Make communication easy and seamless

Most of us want to offer a great candidate experience but when you’re inundated with applications, it can be hard to get back to each and every person. By using an online RMS, you can automate responses to let candidates know the average time it will take you to get back to them and keep them informed every step of the way. This will reflect well on your organisation and can powerfully improve  candidate experience.

Speed up administration time

Going paperless speeds up onboarding administration, reducing processing from hours to minutes. In fact, Nicholas Luhmann from Stedmans says onboarding with Employment Hero now takes him a maximum of five minutes.

By using eContracts and automating first day data collection (like tax file numbers, super details and sharing workplace policies), not only are you saving trees but you’re saving time on printing, sending and chasing. You can even check visas and lodge details with the ATO at the click of a button.

Ensure your business is compliant and secure

A single HR database ensures you’re always compliant and secure. Employment Hero offers customisable, templated contracts vetted by our in-house legal team.

Using a single platform like Employment Hero also makes sure there is an archive of acknowledgements, version control and standardised processes across your business, reducing the risk of losing something and ensuring a single source of truth.

Streamline the process

A new hire means coordinating different departments to make sure they have everything they need on their first day. With paperless onboarding, you can set up automated checklists with tasks and deadlines that automatically trigger when onboarding starts.

This reduces the risk of miscommunication between teams or creating a bottleneck in the onboarding process.

Increase employee engagement

One of the biggest benefits of paperless recruiting and onboarding is that it frees up more time to focus on other, more important matters. For instance, with all the administrative legwork done you have plenty of time to think about how to give your new employee an awesome first day.

To learn more about paperless recruitment and onboarding, watch the full webinar here.

Photo by Christa Dodoo on Unsplash

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