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How digital HR can help you transition to a flexible workplace

Published 16 May 2019
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At Employment Hero, we are pro-flexible workplaces. We want businesses to get the best out of the people and having great working arrangements help drive happy, engaged, high performing employees. In fact, our What Employees Want survey from last year found that 2 in 3 employees want flexible work (the most requested benefit) and nearly 1 in 2 employees would leave their current employer if they were offered a role that gave them flexible work. Technology is the key that helps keep business as usual when it comes to flexible work. Businesses are built on communication and whether it’s managing your customers or talking with your colleagues, being able to communicate quickly, clearly and transparently makes the difference between having a thriving culture and one of mistrust. Given it’s International Week of the Family this week, we thought we’d look at how digital HR (or HRIS) can play a huge role in helping to manage flexible work conditions. By taking all your HR, payroll and employee engagement digital, you can easily manage the admin side and build an awesome online culture.   Managing the admin digitally makes everything quicker and easier. If you’re working with remote employees, employees with flexible hours or multiple locations, this allows information to flow quickly and easily to everyone. Simply send what you need to and they can pick that information up (a new policy, procedure or contract) wherever they are on whatever device they want. Being digital, a HRIS will also keep an audit trail so that you can check in at any time to make sure that things have been seen. A good HRIS will even take care of reminders to prompt employees to take action.   Allow employees to self-service and put their in control of their information. These days it’s commonplace to be able to update your details at the touch of a button so why should updating your address with your employer or your bank account details be any different? A digital HR system allows employees to stay in control of their information. The onus moves to them to make sure their details are up to date and where they are is properly logged. If you’ve got a HRIS that connects to your payroll system then this information should automatically be pulled across to payroll and ensure there’s no forgotten update or human error entering data.   No ones left out of the loop if something changes. If you’ve got employees working flexible hours, remote or in multiple locations and something changes to their employment, it can be hard to make sure those changes are communicated across the business. With a HRIS system, these changes are reflected across each system the minute you make a change. Again, with a payroll connection, this will all be reflected in payroll as well plus being a digital system, there will be an audit trail of who made what change and when.   Create a culture of transparency even with disperse employees using your HRIS. Features like leave calendars where employees can quickly and easily see who’s working and who’s not or company announcements (where managers can post out to the whole company news and important information) does wonders to help everyone understand what’s happening and what’s coming up next.   Your employees can connect through a good HRIS system. A great culture is one of the hardest things to foster when employees are working different hours or from different locations. One of the features we’re most proud of here at Employment Hero is HeroThanks. HeroThanks allows employees to thank each other for helping each other out. It’s a great way to surface to the whole company what teams are up to and make sure everyone gets recognised… even if you don’t see them every day. Want to learn more about if a HRIS or digital HR system is for you? Download our whitepaper on How to Chose HR Software today.

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