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Here’s How To KonMari Your Business

Published 22 Jan 2019
4 min read
Here's How To KonMari Your Business

Are you finding yourself bogged down in paperwork and admin? Do you want a smoother and more successful 2019? If you answered ‘yes’, then it’s time to KonMari your business! They say inspiration can strike from anywhere.

Thanks to the hit show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, the world has seen first hand that decluttering really can be life changing. While the show and the KonMari Method are not aimed at business administration, we think the basic precepts are the same. They just require a little interpretation. If you are unfamiliar with Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method, here is a quick recap. Marie Kondo is an organisational guru who has released four books and currently has a hit TV show on Netflix. Her trademark phrase, “spark joy” has become part of the world’s vernacular (does this blog spark joy?) and her signature folding method is most certainly a thing.


The KonMari fold

The KonMari Method follows six rules of tidying. A structure we have tweaked so that you can apply it your business. Welcome to Tidying Up with….Employment Hero!

6 steps to KonMari your business

1. Make the commitment

The first step of the KonMari journey is to make a commitment to tidying up. Similarly, before you begin this arduous journey it’s important to commit. That means making decluttering your admin processes an official project with timelines, key stakeholders, project managers and so on (even if you play all those roles in your business!). Once you make the commitment as a business, it’ll be easier to get through the hectic middle phase which will see a zillion excel spreadsheet tabs open and paper all over the place.

2. Envision your end goal

The second step of the KonMari journey is to imagine your ideal lifestyle. We ask you to imagine your ideal business day or week. Visualise your destination. What would you like your business to be like? How would a process like say, onboarding a new staff member, play out? Once you know where you want to end up, it’ll be easier to get your admin clean up project started and get other staff members on board.

3. Get your data together first

Step three is technically meant to be: finish discarding first. The idea behind this is that people who are ineffective declutterers merely jostle around what they already have without throwing anything out. We see the same with those who try to streamline their business administration without first creating a single source of data truth. To be successful in your business tidying journey, we recommend collecting and collating all your data first with the aim of creating a single source of truth. Be warned! This process is not usually quick and we anticipate you will find lots of duplicate data and nasties. For instance, you might find a stack of files about the same employee, all with different home addresses listed (true story). Be patient during this process because it’s totally worth the end result – remember your visualised happy place in Step 2.

4. Tidy by category, not by location

Tidy by department or category rather than location. Say your business has two office locations in Sydney and Adelaide. Tidying up Sydney will cause havoc for Adelaide and vice versa. It’s much better go tidy by category. Categories can include:

  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Invoices
  • Employee Benefits
  • Communication

Another idea that might make sense for your business could be to tidy by theme or software. For instance, one of Employment Hero’s 2019 missions is to tidy up our Salesforce administration. A very specific theme that will impact other areas of our business.

5. Follow the right order

According to the KonMari Method, tidying should be conducted in the following order: clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items) and then sentimental items. Figure out what order makes sense for your business. More importantly, come up with an order that will not wreak havoc! For instance, if streamlining your payroll admin first is going to cause problems with your current HR processes, do not begin there! Think about how each of your categories affects one another and choose a logical workflow.

6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy

We love the phrase, “does this spark joy?”. That hasn’t stopped up from boldly contorting it to suit our own purposes. As you declutter your business administration stop and ask yourself, “does this spark growth?”. Sometimes overhauling old processes can be met with resistance. “This is the way things are always done!”, an imaginary employee yells.

At the end of the day, the reason decluttering clunky business administration is important is because it opens a clear path for business growth and scalable process. And so, as you make tough decisions about what stays and what goes, be sure to ask yourself if the process or paperwork or spreadsheet at hand sparks growth. There you have it. Our six steps to KonMari your business administration. We hope this blog brought you joy (sorry we couldn’t help it). Happy tidying, heroes!

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