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Best #Isolation Trends

Published 7 May 2020
3 min read
Best #Isolation Trends

When times get tough, people get creative.

Imagine if someone had told you, on January 1st 2020, that you’d spend months in isolation this year. Imagine if they told you that football games would be banned, businesses would be shut and people would fight over toilet paper. You’d probably laugh . . . or maybe run in terror. Either way, that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in. It’s a little bit apocalyptic and more than a little bit disorientating. It’s been a hard month. But, people are resilient. And, part of resilience is creativity. We have seen some pretty crazy new trends pop up, in the midst of COVID-19. We might all be staying at home, but that isn’t going to stop us from having a good time. So, put your feet up and spend a few minutes diving deep into the world of #isolation. Here’s the top 6 trends of recent weeks:

1. Singing our way through #Isolation

Music has a strange power. It unites us, even when we’re apart. From balcony singing in Italy to Welsh farmers singing in their cow sheds, making music is a definite #isolation trend. We’ve seen Couch Choirs form and families create musical parodies. Music allows us to feel connected – as communities, nations and the world at large – without even leaving our home. So, we say, you should get your Rhi-Rhi on and bust out the karaoke! Or, start a Couch Choir of your very own.

2. Celebrities are sharing the love

Celebrities have also been isolating. And, watching them spiral into a whole new level of crazy has been pretty fun. There’s been celebrity sing-offs and handwashing performances. Sam Neil is reading poetry to his Twitter followers everyday. And, it turns out even celebs like J-Lo are homeschooling their kids. All the stars are inside – and their social media content has never been more on point.

3. Free Live Streams

Live streaming is definitely an #isolation trend. Sure, it was a Facebook feature occasionally used. But now, it’s major. Musicians, actors, speakers and production companies all over the world are using live streaming to keep audiences engaged. Here’s a big list of all the musicians you can catch live on social media. If you’re after something a little more classy, why not check out the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra‘s live streaming sessions or the Opera House’s digital season. Even zoos are getting involved, giving us live stream access to our fave animals. Just like the real thing – but without the crowds. We wouldn’t be surprised if this trend sticks around.

4. #Isolation Memes

Humour is a great coping mechanism. And, in the age of social media, memes take centre stage. Twitter seems to be the prime place for #isolationlife memes. In times like this, everyone needs a laugh. And, with social media comedians of all sensibilities who have plenty of time on their hands, you’re bound to find something which tickles your fancy.

5. Tik-Tok

A month ago, only the coolest of cool kids was on Tik-Tok. Now, even the World Health Organisation has an account. On any day of the week, a scroll through the top trending videos is likely to reveal some hilarious #isolation content.

6. Good times on Zoom

Zoom. The platform which will surely define 2020. From Zoom parties to hilarious Zoom virtual backgrounds, people are making the most of this piece of tech. Hamish Blake has taken things to a whole new level, Zoom-bombing strangers’ Zoom calls. His Instagram web series called ‘Zoom for One More?’ has seen him sneak into meetings of elite swimmers, book clubs, major retailers and even the ADF. The other Zoom trend on the rise is people sharing their #Zoomfails. Whether your colleague is frozen mid-glitch or you’ve forgotten to put trousers on, the world of social media is loving our Zoom blunders. It has been a great way to stay connected with friends and family.

2020: A Year of Unexpected Trends

This year will go down in history. Our supermarket shelves were cleared of everything from hand sanitiser to yeast. Toilet paper jokes suddenly became funny. Bored celebrities provided daily social media entertainment. Birthday parties and school exams happened on Zoom. COVID-19 is a huge challenge to our world. And yet, in the midst of difficulty, creativity is thriving. Who knows what the rest of our time in #isolation may bring?

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