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Grow your revenue with Employment Hero.
Strategic Partners
Grow your revenue with Employment Hero.

Offer strategic value

Our partners sell their services, their ideas and their knowledge and Employment Hero is a tool they use to get things done more efficiently. By drastically reducing admin time, partners can spend more time focusing on what matters like strategy and business growth.

Make admin easier

Use our partner business portal to access and manage all your clients in one centralised portal. This eliminates the need to request stacks of paperwork or waste time on double data entry. You can also do things like upload and share your own contracts and policies with your clients, helping them implement specific policies and procedures in less time.

Join the community

Our partners become part of a community called The Hero Network. Connect with like-minded professionals, access training and resources, attend our networking events and become an integral part of our business. We actively listen to your feedback and use it to make our product even more useful to you and your clients.

Grow Your Revenue

Put simply, we help you make money! Grow your revenue by reselling our product, maximising your efficiency and offering more to your clients. Plus, you can gain exposure to thousands of our clients through our Partner Directory.

Join the Hero Network.

You can be a part of Australia’s first integrated HR, payroll and benefits platform for employers and employees.

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