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Built for today’s workforce, delivering seamless experiences at the right time, on the right device, with the right message.

Remote Onboarding

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Built for today’s workforce, delivering seamless experiences at the right time, on the right device, with the right message.

Cloud based contracts and policies

Quickly and easily send a letter of offer and contract that can be signed from a computer or mobile. Select from a range of fully templated contracts in our HR library or upload your own. New employees can use their Employment Hero account to enter all their personal details including super and tax information as well read and acknowledge all your workplace policies (also found in our HR library) digitally. All contracts and policies acknowledgments will be stored and easily accessible in your Employment Hero account.

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Onboarding checklists

When hiring remote employees, make sure you offer a structured onboarding with our HR checklist for onboarding remote workers. Assign tasks and send nudge reminders to ensure everyone on your team has done their part to help get your newbie set up for success.

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Ensure they have everything they need with our Asset Register

Your IT team or office manager will already know what hardware your new employee will need thanks to our onboarding checklists, but thanks to the Asset Register feature in Employment Hero they will also know who had what, when and for how long. A history of asset ownership improves transparency and accountability, reduces loss and helps calculate depreciation where necessary.

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Continually refine

With our custom survey feature, you can set up a process for new employees to evaluate their remote onboarding experience. By constantly evaluating and improving the onboarding process, you can help remote workers adjust to their new roles easily and refine for future remote hires.

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