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Paperless onboarding

Give your employees a digital onboarding experience that’s seamless, and save yourself time in the process.

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Give your employees a digital onboarding experience that’s seamless, and save yourself time in the process.

Paperless onboarding

Give your new employees a great experience even before they’ve started. Employment Hero makes onboarding simple. Quickly and easily send a letter of offer and e-Contract that can be signed from a computer or mobile device. New employees can use their Employment Hero account to enter all their personal details including super and tax information rather than filling out a mountain of paperwork on their first day. We’ll also submit these electronically for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Online Checklists

Employment Hero checklists make communication when you’re onboarding, quick and easy. Set up a new starter checklist within Employment Hero and it will notify relevant persons and departments, ensuring new laptops, email accounts and even welcome lunches are set up and ready. We also offer offboarding checklists to make exiting an employee as pain-free as possible.

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Automated induction

Use an employee’s first day for meeting their colleagues and getting to know the business, not reading onboarding manuals and watching training videos. From the moment an employee has their Employment Hero account, they can access all their induction materials. You’ll also be able to see their progress so you can make sure they’re fully up to speed.

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Make rehiring easy

If you have a seasonal business, you may hire a large number of staff for short spurts year after year. You shouldn’t have to reinvent the onboarding process each time. With Employment Hero, we retain an employee’s details making it easy for you to rehire someone when you need them. You’ll also be able to see what induction, training and certifications they’ve previously done so you can make sure they’re up to date with anything that’s changed.

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"Onboarding used to take over a week. With Employment Hero, it’s done in a day."

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The Importance of Streamlined Onboarding

Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into your business. Best practice for onboarding is to start the process before their first day. This gives new hires plenty of time to wrap their head around the company before they’re expected to do any work.

As an employer, you also benefit from early onboarding. You can get all those fiddly administrative tasks out of the way and start making new employees feel welcome at your company. All your focus should be on giving new starters an awesome first day at work, not making sure they’ve crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s on a mountain of boring paperwork.

At Employment Hero, we’ve created a paperless onboarding process for new hires online which works perfectly too if you are a remote team. It allows them to sign policies, contracts and induction material digitally, before their first day in the office.

The Employment Hero HRIS also allows you to create onboarding checklists, ensuring everything is ready to go for their first day. Our system will notify all the relevant departments that there is a new starter, so they can set them up on payroll, order in any equipment or set up their desk.

There are heaps of other benefits around onboarding your employees in the right way:


Reduces turnover
First impressions count. If your new hire is impressed with how seamlessly you set them up for their new role in the business, they will feel more comfortable from the offset.


Allows employees to be productive quicker
Without digital onboarding, your employees will spend the first day (or maybe even days!) of their new job filling out paperwork. By setting this all up beforehand, your new hires can get stuck into the more productive tasks quicker. This isn’t just great for your business, but also great for the new employee who won’t find themselves getting bored in their first week.


Teaches new hires about their role within the company
Proper onboarding includes training. This provides new employees with the right knowledge and understanding of the business and their new role. Starting a new role can be overwhelming. So you want to make sure they know exactly how to meet the expectations of your business, what’s expected of them and how they should be performing within their role.

With Employment Hero, you can access heaps of induction material to help with this process. Including things like this onboarding checklist.

If you want to see even more benefits of digital onboarding, check out our whitepaper on Hiring Without Paper.

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