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Employees can submit timesheets online and have them approved by managers anywhere, anytime.

Electronic timesheets

Employment Hero lets your employees complete their online timesheets on a daily or weekly basis. They can submit via their mobile device and check the approval status at any time. Quick, simple, easy.

Approve anywhere

Managers can approve timesheets on the go via the Employment Hero app. They’ll receive a push notification to their device to let them know that they have a timesheet to approve and be able to view and action their pending timesheets anytime, anywhere and minimise delays to payroll.

Even if I’m not in the office, I can still approve timesheets in time for the next pay run on the app.

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5 Benefits of Online Timesheets

With Employment Hero, you will have access to all your businesses timesheets online and can finally ditch those annoying spreadsheets and manual admin tasks. Monitoring employee activity with HR technology will save you hours of admin.

There are plenty of benefits for using online timesheets that’ll make you want to push that book a demo button;


Real-time scheduling
Our online timesheets are pretty smart. They let you publish rosters straight to your employee’s mobile phones and assign jobs to individual staff members, which they receive via a phone notification. Your employees can also request time off via their mobile. You can even advertise the open shift to the rest of your employees using our Employment Hero app – first come, first serve.


Accurate mobile time tracking
Give your employees the ability to clock on and off with their mobile – eliminating any paperwork, guesswork or discrepancies. Our software captures the exact moment your employees start and end their working day – we’ve even introduced geotagging which shows you the employees location when they clocked on (and off!) for the day. Just in case you want to make sure they’re actually at work. Employees can easily record their breaks, submit timesheets and request leave as well, all at the click of a button.


Communication is key
Our software can alert you or your employee when their hours are approaching overtime or when a timesheet is ready for approval. With instant message alerts, you can notify your team as soon as you’ve published a new schedule or a new shift becomes available.


Save yourself admin time
The right online timesheets system will integrate with your other business software to automate a whole bunch of jobs you may do manually at the moment. The data can flow into your payroll system, which will calculate the tax and pay for each employee. And online timesheets can also update your accounting software, so you see how much you’re spending on wages day by day and hour by hour.


Forget manual scheduling
Our online timesheets feature with built-in scheduling functions make employee management easy. You can obtain high-quality data that becomes really valuable for your business. You’ll be able to automate payroll and gain new insights into how efficiently your business runs.

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