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Employment Hero, in collaboration with ANZ, is helping Australian business owners navigate the complexity and challenges faced in managing HR.  ANZ & Employment Hero are proud to offer ANZ business customers who have an ANZ business transaction or savings account a complimentary upgrade to a Premium subscription for 12 months when you sign up for a Standard subscription.

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Employment Hero is designed to save business owners just like you, time, money and paperwork by combining human resource software, compliance,  performance management, reporting, general administration and workflow tools, as well as employee benefits, into one centralised and easy-to-use platform.

Employment Hero is an HR software platform designed to help Australian business easily manage the compliance and paperwork involved with employing staff. It was created to help streamline employee onboarding and important paperwork for employers who don’t want to spend their time doing HR administration.

What is Employment Hero?




Easily maintain paperless employee records, such as onboarding, performance reviews, leave and timesheet management. Staff can easily access their employee portal for company policies, leave requests, and update their bank and superannuation details.


Save valuable time and money developing HR content. A team of lawyers will maintain all HR documents and policies so that they are up to date with Australian employment law.

Payroll Integration

Our technology effortlessly syncs with your payroll system, be it Xero, MYOB ARL, QuickBooks Online or KeyPay. Need rostering and award interpretation or even a new payroll system? Employment Hero has you covered.

Employee Benefits

Employee salaries can go further with access to benefits such as discounts from health insurance companies and retailers, as well as discounts on mobile phone plans, electricity and gas bills, gym memberships and more.

What is included?

As an exclusive offer, ANZ business customers who have an ANZ business transaction or savings account can access  Employment Hero’s Premium subscription  for the price of a Standard subscription for 12 months.

  • Employee Files
  • Independent Contractors
  • Reward and Recognition Tools
  • Paperless Onboarding
  • Employment Contracts
  • HR Documents
  • HR Policies and Guidelines
  • Employee Certifications
  • Menu Customisation
  • Employee Benefits
  • Custom Reports
  • Leave Request
  • Timesheets
  • Safety & Incident Reporting
  • Performance Reviews
  • Goal Setting
  • Employee Audit Trails
  • Induction Content
  • VEVO Checks
  • Mobile App
  • Payroll Integration*

ANZ Business Customers.

(with a valid business transaction or savings account)

How do I get started.

Follow these 3 simple steps

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 Log into your account and start setting up

How long will it take to set up Employment Hero for my business? dropdown-caret

Employment Hero provides training tools such as demo videos, a success portal, in-platform wizard, and the support team, to help you to implement Employment Hero.

We suggest allowing 2-4 hours to explore the customer success portal that assists you with the entire setup process and the different options for your businesses (such as connecting to your payroll for easy setup if you use systems like Xero, QuickBooks Online, or MYOB).

Employment Hero also offers an implementation service to help you complete the setup process for a one-off-fee.

Are there any additional costs? dropdown-caret

The ANZ offer will be available for the first 12 months of your Employment Hero subscription. ANZ business customers who have an ANZ business transaction or savings account are eligible for the Premium subscription upgrade unless the offer is changed.

Employment Hero Standard subscription is $6 per employee per month. Employment Hero Premium subscription is $9 per employee per month. If you take up this offer, you will be charged $6 per employee per month, whilst being able to access Premium features for the first 12 months of your subscription. For further details, please see the offer terms and conditions.

If you choose to use Employment Hero’s implementation service, you may be charged an additional fee.

Employment Hero integrates with Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks Online and KeyPay for free. For an additional fee you can also use Employment Hero’s own payroll system, which includes advanced payroll and workforce management features such as Modern Award interpretation, rostering and time/attendance management.

I'm an ANZ client, how do I sign up? dropdown-caret

If you have an ANZ business transaction or savings account, click the red button below to sign up for access.

What are the benefits to me as an ANZ client? dropdown-caret

ANZ business customers who have a valid ANZ business transaction or savings account can access the Premium subscription for $6* per employee per month (normally $9 per employee per month) for the first 12 months of their Employment Hero subscription.

Employment Hero’s leading payroll solution can be added for an additional fee or you can integrate Employment Hero with your own payroll on Xero, MYOB ARL, QuickBooks Online and KeyPay.

Why has ANZ collaborated with Employment Hero? dropdown-caret

ANZ is committed to finding new and innovative ways to support customers to start, run and grow their business. Business owners commonly express their frustrations with recruitment, compliance and general HR administration. Employment Hero brought to you by ANZ delivers a great solution to help customers run and grow their business by supporting the HR challenges faced by business owners.

What's included in the collaboration between ANZ and Employment Hero? dropdown-caret

ANZ business customers with a valid business transaction or savings account can access Employment Hero’s Premium features for $6 per month, per employee. Premium features include:

Employee Files
Electronically manage your workforce with their employee files in the cloud – easy access when you or your managers are on the go.

Independent Contractors
Manage all of your contractors in one place and give them access to special policies that apply to their work type for easy compliance.

Paperless Onboarding
Automate onboarding without the piles of paperwork – invite employees to the system to input all of their own details and send them a contract to sign electronically.

Employment Contracts
Build in your own employment contracts or use Employment Hero’s template, created by EH’s in house legal team.

HR Documents
Keep all of your documents in the one place and gain electronic compliance immediately on end of probation letters, warning letters etc.

HR Policies and Guidelines
Built in HR policies created by Employment Hero’s legal team make it easy to maintain compliance with your workforce. You can also build your own!

Employee Certifications
Automate the certificate checking process by loading in your requirements and segmenting it to the teams the certifications apply to, then whenever you hire a new employee, they will automatically be prompted to complete their certification upload and store it on their file.

Menu Customisation
Hide and display the menu functions that you think are relevant to your workforce.

Employee Benefits
Make salaries go further with our leading benefits platform, enabling access to discounts on everyday items like electricity bills, phone bills and more.

Custom Reports (Beta)
Extract data from the system to build reports based on your needs.

Leave Requests
Easily manage leave requests through the system and track key trends in employee movements. Download the mobile app to manage on the go!

Input and manage timesheets for your workforce. Download the mobile app to manage on the go.

Safety & Incident Reporting
If you have a workplace incident you can load this into the system to track and store for reference.

Performance Reviews
It provides an easy and paperless way for you to evaluate the performance of employees.

Goal Setting
Proactively track towards reviews with the goals module designed to cascade company, team, and individual contributions, so the performance review process is easier!

Employee Audit Trails
Keep track of system changes with the audit trail report.

Induction Content
Don’t delay productivity with big folders of paperwork; provide induction content to employees at the point of contract signing to ensure it is reviewed and acknowledged on or before day one.

Mobile App
Download the mobile app to manage leave, timesheets and company announcements on the go.

Onboarding Workflow Management (Beta)
If you need to request a new headcount, the workflow management tool will be useful for you. Once you confirm your new hire, you can easily apply the approved rates to them in the system. Plus, automate the workflows required behind the scenes like setting up their desk and providing a security pass to get them off to a great start!

Ability to payroll integration*
Connect to your payroll system to streamline data management by ensuring that the relevant information syncs through for processing.

* Employment Hero’s leading payroll solution can be added for an additional fee or you can integrate Employment Hero with your own payroll on Xero, MYOB ARL, QuickBooks Online and KeyPay.

Which payroll system does Employment Hero integrate with? dropdown-caret

Employment Hero lets you connect to any of the below-listed payroll platforms allowing you to import and synchronise your data between the two systems to easily manage your business. Once imported, any data that you update in Employment Hero will automatically be reflected in your payroll system.

Employment Hero can integrate with:

— Employment Hero Payroll
— KeyPay
— QuickBooks Online
— Xero

Try for yourself.

Australia’s first fully integrated HR, payroll and benefits platform for employers and employees.

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