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When Employment Hero initially embarked on a rebrand, creating a new logo was not on the agenda. It takes a lot to change a brand logo and while the case for our rebrand was obvious, the reasons to change our logo were not as strong.

As we started going through brand workshops and speaking to our customers, it became clearer that we had also outgrown our logo. While it had the obvious connection to being a superhero, it didn’t speak to our bigger mission of connecting people or making employment easier and more rewarding.

In the end we made the decision to change the logo along with our brand.









In the end, we’re really happy with where our logo has ended up. We wanted to keep part of our heritage with the E and the H still present but needed something that better represented the collective power we were trying to harness.

We will talk a little more about our new brand proposition at a later date but we have really taken our brand back to basics. When Ben started Employment Hero (and even as far back as Employment Innovations) the purpose was to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone. Employment Hero works because we are able to harness the collective power of everyone using our platform to do awesome things and get more value than they would alone.

We’ve found it interesting that people tend to see different things like a steering wheel, a clip and two people hugging but here is what we see:




A huge thank you to The One Centre, who we’ve been working with on our new brand and everyone who has given us positive feedback about our shiny new look. To all businesses thinking of a logo change here are some things that you need to consider.

4 things to consider before changing your business logo

Have a compelling reason to change the logo

Make sure you have a compelling reason to change the logo (and wanting to make your mark isn’t good enough). For Employment Hero, we had expanded well beyond what our original logo conveyed and it no longer matched our brand essence, particularly after we agreed on our new brand positioning.

This is your chance to stand out from your competitors

This is your chance to stand out from your competitors and put yourself in the same league as the brands you want to be seen with. Our new proposition statement clearly moved us away from our closest competitors and therefore, it became even more imperative that we have that reflected in our logo. We also pulled together the logos of the companies we aspire to be like and the partners that we work with to make sure we didn’t look out of place next to them.

It will not be easy or cheap

There were definitely a few times we had to remind ourselves that we were birthing a brand and there were going to be a few labor pains. We started by creating a giant excel spreadsheet tracking where our logo and branding appeared, who owned that asset, what format was used and if the item required a logo replacement, a redesign or a full asset overhaul.

We wanted to launch the new branding and logo with the launch of our new employee focused features, WorkLife, so we started with a basic light touch rebrand. We’re still working through our timelines to update everything and hoping to be completely updated by Christmas.

Even as a small business, with limited assets to update, it’s still going to take us over six months and cost a fair portion of the marketing budget.

You do not want to do this again in a few years

For the above point (it will never be easy or cheap). Changing the logo is like giving yourself a complete makeover, inside and out, and you’ll need to reintroduce yourself to your customers and the market.


Cat Prestipino

Cat is the chief marketing officer at Employment Hero. Cat is a marketer passionate about helping build brands. With love for technology, Cat has spent the better part of a decade working in the digital start-up environment helping launch into new regions, building international marketing teams and educating marketers on how to make real business impact.

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