Onboarding: What you need to include in your new starter kits

Employee Onboarding

The joys of employing new talent always come with the burden of onboarding paperwork. New starters have to sign their letter of engagement, and acknowledge your code of conduct and other workplace policies.

For payroll purposes, you need to get new starters to fill out a tax declaration form, complete the superannuation choice form, and give you their personal address details along with their bank account information so you can pay them.

Of course, if your new hire is from overseas, it’s your responsibility to ensure they can legally work in Australia. Whether they’re a student, a working holiday maker, or they hold an appropriate working visa, you need to see their passports and ensure their visa is current.

But, while all this paperwork is absolutely essential, it’s really important that you make the onboarding process an exciting time for the new starter. Something like 4% of new hires don’t bother to return after day one.


So, what is onboarding?

Onboarding is so much more than paperwork. It’s the process of helping new hires adjust to their new jobs quickly and smoothly by managing the early stages of their employment. Remember, the first days and weeks on the job need to be special for new employees.

As an office manager looking after new hires, it’s your job to make sure you onboard new staff in a legally compliant way, and you give new employees every opportunity to thrive. This involves understanding how their role fits into the big picture vision for the business, learning about your culture, and meeting your people.

On day one, you need to get everything started with a great onboarding pack. Here are our top tips on what you need to include in your new starter kit.


Onboarding Pack


  • Welcome letter

Provide a warm welcome to the employee, giving them a brief introduction to the company, and letting them know how happy you are that the individual has joined the team. Make sure to include:

  • the company’s mission and values
  • new hire’s job description and responsibilities
  • contact details of a person the new starter can approach with questions or concerns


  • Company’s workplace policies 

To protect the business, it’s important you can demonstrate you made new starters aware of all your workplace policies and they accepted them. So, include your workplace policies in this onboarding pack, along with a document that the new starter can sign acknowledging they are aware of the policies and understand them completely.


  • Employee information form

New employees need to supply their personal information such as their full name, date of birth, home address, home telephone number, emergency contacts, etc., along with any special health or personal requirements to make them comfortable on the job. You must keep these details as part of your confidential employee files.


  • Tax forms

All new starters need to complete a tax file declaration form, so that you can pay them and withhold the appropriate amount of tax.


  • Superannuation standard choice form

You need to give your new hire the superannuation Standard choice form advising them of your default super fund, and allowing them to advise you of their alternative choice of fund.


  • Fair Work Information Statement

It’s a legal requirement to give every new employee a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement when they start their new job. The Statement provides new employees with information about their conditions of employment.


  • Benefits package

If your company offers perks and benefits to your employees, make sure you include this information in this pack and detail any special options available to new hires such as discounted gym memberships.


  • Company Directory

To help new starters understand who’s who in the zoo, provide access to your company directory listing the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of each department head, with a photo if possible.


Paperless onboarding

To get all the paperwork out of the way quickly and efficiently, you can use a modern HR tool like Employment Hero which offers a paperless onboarding solution. All the paperwork can be completed days or even weeks before the new employee starts, ensuring day one is fun and all about them.


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